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You have made a decision to invest in carsharing?


General Questions

In which City do you operate ?

We operate in London and Paris. We are working hard to expand our network of eligible cities so don't hesitate to get in touch with us even if you don't live in Paris or London !

Are you working with car-industry experts

Yes of course!
Our network of partners is made of highly respected experts and we have been working with them for over two years now.

Do you offer different billing options

Yes you can choose either :

- £99/month/car (discount applies for larger feel, get in touch to know more)

- 12% of revenues

Fleet Management

Is my car eligible ?

In order to be eligible to our car management services, your car must be: - Less than 7 years - Less than 50.000 miles - Be equipped with a Keyless Opening Technology. Not equipped yet? Don’t worry we’ll take care of it! - Be dedicated to car sharing at least 95% of the time. - Be on the IMD and have a valide MOT - Not be a van - Sign our Management authorisation form

Do you really handle everything?

Yes, this is what we do, this is our job.

The day you handover the responsibility of your car to us, we start taking care of everything, from cleaning to maintenance to customer management to claim management and much more.

The one thing that would still have to do is to scan fines and PCN to us so we can manage it for you, unless you want to take care of it yourself

Can I end my contract at any time?

Yes, you can end you contract at any time, just bear in mind that any month that has begun is due.

Does your fee includes maintnance

Our fee includes management of maintenance: taking the car to the garage, meeting with the mechanic, sending you over maintenance reports, etc.

The cost of repairs and maintenance itself is still for you to cover.

This is why we are offering a maintenance-included option for a small extra of £40/month !

I only want you to take care of the cars without managing the customer service side and administrtive side of things, can you do that ?

Of course, we are very flexible. Just get in touch and we'll discuss your needs and come up with an appropriate quote.


For how long do I Have to commit ?

There is a one year commitment when you choose our investment offer. Past the first 12 month, you can choose to : - Continue work with us and cash in the money every month - Start managing your car yourself - Get your cash back at anytime. In that case, we'll take car of selling you car and give you 100% of the invested amount

Is this investment totally transparent for me ?

Yes, what we offer an end-to-end solution.

You remain the ultimate owner of the vehicle, which is the best guarantee that your capital is protected by the asset you invested in and gives you access to parking permit, maximizing your profits.
But apart from that, you don’t have to anything else than get the cash in !


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