You have decided to take part in the mobility of tomorrow? Fleetsize supports you every step of the way!


Today more than ever, carsharing is an open door to the future. You tootake part in developing the mobility of tomorrow and benefit from tailor-made services

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Carsharing : a new, lasting

and profitable business model




Benefit from our professional discount and enjoy a 30% off when purchasing your new vehicle. Not only you will 

limit the impact of depreciation but you will enjoy a 2-year manufacturer



2 yrs and +

We recommend a 2-year exploitation period, but there is no hard limit. In case of emergency, the vehicle is a liquid asset and can easily be sold.


£6000 / yr

After factoring costs, you can expect a net profit ranging from £2 to £5k depending on the car you picked and the location you live in. Please note that this amount will depend on rental revenues and is not guaranteed



+23% / yr

Carsharing growth between 2013 and 2025. A sustained, durable growth.


Carsharing market size in 2025.

A large market offering multiple opportunities.


Carsharing dedicated vehicles in 2025

raise from 86K in 2015 growing more than five folds !


An Uncorrelated and Tangible Asset

A car is a tangible asset with a predictable resale value. It is uncorrelated from traditional markets (real estate, stock exchange, ...)

An Attractive Profitability

Depending on the parking location and on the type of vehicle, the annual yield of a vehicle dedicated to carsharing is between 17% and 35% pre-tax. This figure is based on more than 1.5 million rentals per year and 10,000 available vehicles.

A Liquid Asset

The invested capital is easily accessible, with the average resell period being less than a month.

A Measured Risk

Rest assured, the process is well-defined, your asset is insured and under warranty.

Become a part of

the mobility 


with Fleetsize

The world is changing, involvement is growing.

You now have the opportunity to act for the future, in line with your needs.


Owning your own car sharing fleet is great,

but managing it in a sustainable way is what really matter and this is a lot of hasse

Fleetsize takes cars of all the hassle, leaving you with nothing more to do that enjoying you extra income!

How does it work?

Sourcing and 


of the vehicle

Fleetsize supportyou when choosing the vehicle and doing the paperwork.

Setting up

the vehicle

Fleetsize takes care of getting the vehicle ready for rentals. From this moment forward, you don't have more to do.

Day-to-day management

Fleetsize handles all tasks related to managing the rentals. You receive your rents each month.

End of

rental life


makes sure you sell your vehicle for a good price and takes care of finding a fresh one for you.





Our carsharing fleet

management expertise

You want to strengthen your carsharing dedicated fleet? A meaningful, forward-looking project. Fleetsize supports you throughout your whole endeavour, starting with sourcing the vehicle that best fits your investment capacity, to the day-to-day of managing its rental life on the carsharing platform. Thanks to our knowledge of the mark take extra care of the performance of your vehicle.


When your vehicle reaches the end of its rental life, we take care of reselling it at the best price, and we renew it to offer you a fleet that is ever more competitive!


Managed Rentals


vehicles under management


of generated revenues

Carsharing can help

both the planet and

your wallet

In light of the complexity of urbanisation in major cities and their suburbs, it’s a safe bet to say that shared cars will still have its place in the mobility of the future.

Fleetsize is on your side today and tomorrow to look for the best investment possible, and takes care of the whole management of your asset every day, to guarantee an optimal profitability.

Important Notice

Fleetsize is a fleet management company helping people to manage one or more car sharing dedicated vehicle.

We do not provide any kind of investment advice 


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